When is the best time to go crappie fishing


What month is the best time to catch crappie?


What time of year can you catch crappie?

During the day, they move inwards to deeper waters. The good thing about crappie fishing is, you can catch them at any time of the day as long as you are at the right location, i.e. where they are. You can find them in spring, summer, fall and even winter.

What temperature is best for crappie fishing?

Water temperatures around the upper-50°F to 60°F range begin to bring crappies shallow into spawning areas. Peak spawning activity generally occurs at water temps of 68°F to 72°F for both black and white crappies.

Do crappies bite at night?

When allowed to fall on a slack line through schooling baitfish beneath your lights, they’ll quickly garner a bite from opportunistic crappie. In summer, crappie bite at night everywhere they’re found. The key to catching them is knowledge of their summer habits and versatility.

What months do crappie bite?

Crappie may spawn as early as mid-March in the southern part of the state and as late as the end of May in northern Missouri. The spawn generally occurs when water temperatures reach 55F. The depth at which crappie spawn depends on water clarity. In stained or muddy water, they may spawn as shallow as 1 or 2 feet.

What is the best bait for crappie fishing?


Does crappie bite in cold weather?

The good news is winter crappie still bite despite the cold and can be taken even in the bitterest weather if you know where to find them. Crappie tend to bunch up during winter, so you can fill your stringer and make the cold tolerable if you find their wintertime haunts.

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How many times a year do crappie spawn?

The Crappie Spawn happens every spring when the water temperatures reach above the 60-degrees. Depending on where you live, the crappie spawn can be anytime from early March to the middle of May. Like other panfish, crappie build spawning nests in shallow water.

What depth do you fish crappie?

6 to 15 feet

What attracts crappie fish?

To attract minnows and, thus, crappie to your fishing area, crush your breakfast eggshells, take them to the lake, and sprinkle the shell pieces overboard in a circle around the boat. The pieces will flutter seductively down through the water and draw in first minnows and then crappie.

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