When is the best time to go bass fishing


What month is best for bass fishing?

When it comes to catching bass, every season has its opportunities and challenges. Fishing can come alive in the dead of winter on a mild afternoon, but spring and fall usually present the best action.

What time are bass most active?

Bass are most active when the water temperature is 50-60 degrees, closest to spawning conditions. The time of day this water temperature happens varies throughout the year as well as the areas where bass stay. Using the appropriate bass rod and bait for the season will maximize your chance for catching a fish.

What is the best temperature for bass fishing?

Temperatures during the spawn are usually around 55-70 degrees. After the spawn, as the bass begin leaving their beds, the post-spawn begins. This will run all the way through summer and is one of the best fishing times of the year. These water temps range from 70-75 degrees.

What colors do bass see best?

The cellular composition of the largemouth bass’ eye is tuned to respond to two colors: red and green. Bass can see these colors well and make decisions with high selectivity based on these colors.

What bait is best for bass?

Now onto the five best all around bass lures.

  1. Bass Jigs. Jigs rank number one because of their versatility. …
  2. Plastic Worms. At a very close second are rubber worms. …
  3. Spinnerbaits. …
  4. Crankbaits. …
  5. Topwater Lures.

Why do bass have bloody tails?

The male bass is the only one that fans out the nest. … The female’s contortions expel the eggs and help them mix with the male’s milt. They also result in the bloody or ragged tail fin.

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What color worm is best for bass?

Use thin worms with straight tails in vegetation. When fish are inactive, try using a smaller worm. In clear water, lighter, more translucent colors tend to work best: blue, green, pearl, smoke, etc. In dark water, dark worms often produce the best: purple, black, brown, etc.

Is it better to fish on a cloudy day?

It is good to fish on a cloudy day because the fish seem to swim more to look for their food. So, it means that you can cast in multiple directions and could trap a fish fast. You’re Less Likely to Lose You Fishing Lure.

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