Rig wacky worm bass fishing


What is the best wacky worm?

Fat Dover Crawler

What is the best wacky worm hook?

Wacky rigged

Ehrler’s recipe for a standard wacky rig is to stick a 1/0 Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hook through the “egg sack” (the smooth area) located about 1/3 of the way down on a Senko. The B10S hook is a specialty hook made for tying flies, but its unique design makes it the best wacky-rig hook Ehrler has found.

Do you need a weight for a wacky rig?

Wacky Rigged Senko

You don’t need any weight for this, but you can add a very small split shot to the line about 12 inches above the hook to get the worm down. Just make sure you’re twitching it above the depth at which the bass are holding.22 мая 2019 г.

How do you rig a Senko wacky style?

Try a 3-inch senko style bait on a 2/0 straight shank hook with a drop shot rig for aggressive bass in deep water. Hook the worm in the weedless Texas style or exposed wacky fashion with a 1/4- to 3/16-ounce weight positioned about 1 foot below the lure.

What color is a wacky worm?

When fishing a Wacky Worm Rig, there are a few popular colors that seem to be productive all around the country in most any situation. Green pumpkin is arguably the most popular for any soft plastic bait because it mimics common Bass forage.spinning

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