How to fish a san juan worm


How do you rig a San Juan worm?

San Juan Style Nymph Rig

  1. Tie onto your fly line a 9 foot tapered leader ending in 5X.
  2. Attach another 12 inches of 5X to the leader with a double surgeon’s knot or your favorite leader-to-tippet knot.
  3. Attach the first fly (I like to use the San Juan Worm or another attractor type pattern) to the end of the 5X.

How do you fish squirmy wormy?

In stillwaters the squirmy can be fished like a lure – cast it out, let it sink to the bottom and pull it back in small twitches to get the legs moving. Alternatively you can, perish the thought, fish it beneath a bung.

Do I need a bobber for trout fishing?

When bait fishing for trout, size 4 to size 12 hooks are a good choice. Bobbers: A basic white and red bobber is good enough for now. The bobber should be large enough to support the weight of the split shot, hook, and bait without sinking. … The weights should be small enough that they don’t sink the bobber.

Will trout bite on worms?

The good thing about a worm is no matter what you are fishing for it will catch fish. Trout fishing with worms. Using worms for trout is one of the most productive ways catch trout anywhere. You can use worms to catch trout in streams and rivers all the way up to the biggest of lakes.spinning

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