Saltwater spinning fishing reel


What is the best fishing reel for saltwater?

These are our top recommendations for saltwater spinning reels of 2019:

  • Best all around: Accurate SR-30.
  • Best value for the money: Penn Spinfisher V.
  • Best inshore: Shimano Stradic STC5000XGFK.
  • Best under $100: PENN Battle II 2500.
  • Best for jigging: Shimano Stella SWB STL8000.
  • Best for Tuna: Accurate SR-50 TwinSpin.

What is the best saltwater inshore spinning reel?

Quick Summary – Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel

  • Best Overall: Penn Spinfisher VI.
  • Best Value for Money: Shimano Stradic Ci4+
  • Best Lightweight: Penn Clash.
  • Best Stainless Steel: Shimano Baitrunner OC.
  • Best Round Reel: Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Round Reel.

How do I choose a saltwater spinning reel?

Things to consider when purchasing saltwater rods and reels: Consider the length, power and action you need. Longer saltwater rods cast farther, while shorter rods provide more power for fighting fish. Action is rated from “fast” for a rod that is stiff to “slow” for a rod that bends all the way to the handle.

What is the best spinning reel for the money?

Best Spinning Reel for the Money | Reviews for Budget & Buying Guide

  • Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB Spinning Fishing Reel.
  • Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel.
  • Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel.
  • Shimano Stella FJ 2500 Spinning Reel.
  • KastKing Kodiak Spinning ReelKey.
  • Penn Clash Spinning Reel.
  • Daiwa BG Spinning Reel.

Can I use my freshwater fishing rod and reel in saltwater?

Yes, you can use your saltwater rod and reel in freshwater, but you shouldn’t use your freshwater rod and reel in saltwater. You may be wondering why that is and what the difference even are between the two.

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What reel has the most drag?

Daiwa 50 Saltiga Two-Speed

The Saltiga two-speed reel from Daiwa is one of the lightest reels of the group, weighing just 25.7 ounces. The machined-aluminum spool holds 220 yards of 50-pound mono and Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) provides a max drag at strike of 28.6 pounds and a max full drag of 40 pounds.

Can you use Shimano stradic in saltwater?

The Shimano Stradic FK reel is an excellent choice for both fresh and saltwater and is available HERE. … For the higher-end angler that wants a reel that can go from finessing the smaller species to holding up under the load of a large bull red or snook, I can highly recommend purchasing this great reel.

Can you use any reel in saltwater?

The short answer is NO, you should NOT use your freshwater reel in saltwater! It is possible and you can use whatever rod and reel you like in any type of water, but I highly suggest against it.

What size reel should I use for surf fishing?


How do I know what size reel to buy?

Pick the Correct Spinning Reel Size

Choosing the correct reel size is as easy as determining the size fishing line you intend to use most often. The lighter the line you intend to use, the smaller the reel you should purchase. Ten-pound test line should be the highest strength and diameter used on a spinning reel.

Can I use my baitcaster in saltwater?

Saltwater baitcasters are larger and beefier than their freshwater cousins. They will have saltwater resistant components and heavier drags. Some of them are capable of handling 30-pound test monofilament line. But realize that the larger the rod and reel combination, the more difficult it is to cast.

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What does reel size 40 mean?

Spinning reel sizes explained

1000 to 3500 (or 10 – 35) class reels are small reels likely to be used for a lightweight 6 – 7ft rod targeting small fish species. … 4000 to 5500 (or 40 – 55) class reels are medium sized reels likely for a 6-7ft snapper or barramundi style rod.

Are expensive spinning reels worth it?

More expensive reels and generally about smoothness and reliability. The retrieve and drag will be smoother, and you can expect it to last a long time if you take care of it. In most situations, the rod will help you catch more fish but the reel won’t. … Yes, they are worth it if you go fishing a lot.

Who makes the best freshwater spinning reels?

10 Best Spinning Reels [2020 Reviews]

  • Shimano Stradic CI4+
  • Pflueger Supreme XT.
  • Abu Garcia Revo SX.
  • Shimano Stradic FL.
  • Abu Garcia Revo S.
  • Shimano Symetre.


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