Summertime saga fishing lure


Where can I find lure in summertime saga?

The combination is Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor. Use the key to unlock the chest and the golden compass is finally yours! Return to the pier and give the compass to Captain Terry. He’ll give you the golden lure, and you can now begin Aqua’s storyline.

How do you catch fish in summertime saga?

First, choose the right bait depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Then use ← and → to line‐up the bait. Anticipate the position of the fish, the lower it is, the more it shifts to the right or left before the hook reaches it.

How do you use golden lure in summertime saga?

With the Golden Lure, cast your line into the hole slightly to the left of the middle of the screen. If you did it correctly, Aqua will take the lure! Dive in after her, and you’ll have to fight an octopus. Beat the enemy, then swim through the underwater maze before you run out of air.

How do you unlock the treasure in summertime saga?

Go to the beach then on the small island, dig under the cross. The code to unlock the treasure is 1-5-1-3, or after deciphering, Octopus-Mermaid-Octopus-Anchor. The golden compass is yours!

Where can I find Daisy in summertime saga?

Head out to the garden and give the statue another look. You’ll note how strange the milk pail is. Head back into the barn and ask Diane for a milk sample. Use the sample on the statue, and it’ll turn into Daisy!

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What is the puzzle in summertime saga?

The puzzle minigame is an interactive trial that is part of the treasure hunt on Aqua’s route. It can only be performed at night on the promontory which lies in the middle of the forest, once the old scroll has been retrieved. The pattern despicted on this item must be reproduced by moving the tiles on the altar.

How do you get sea trout in the summertime saga?

Sea trout is a quest item catched with the worm while playing the fishing minigame at the pier. The fish is asked by Debbie in Diane’s route. It can also be sell for $80 or bought for $100 to Captain Terry.

How do you open the attic in summertime saga?

Where To Find Cheerleader Outfit (Summertime Saga)

  1. First you have to go outside of your room and take a look at the ceiling. Yep, the attic! it”s clickable though, you cannot open it yet because you have to find a stool and the key (because it was locked)
  2. Go to your house garage.
  3. Now find the stool and click it.
  4. Get back into your house using the front door.


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