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What weight lure should I use?

The bigger the fish and/or the bigger or heavier the lure, the heavier the Fishing Rod you need. So a heavy action rod would probably have a lure weight range from 1oz and up, while an Ultra-Light may have a lure range from 1/32 oz and up to approximately 1/8oz.

Which is heavier 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz?

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Metric to Imperial Conversion.Some of the common weights used with our molds.1/32 oz=.88 gr1/4 oz=7.095/16 oz=8.863/8 oz=10.63

How do you add weight to a lure?

For wooden lures, try drilling a shallow hole – the width and depth of a split-shot sinker – in the underside of the lure; then glue a sinker in the hole with epoxy glue. Positioning of the weight is crucial. Keep the weight near the bait’s center of gravity.

How much weight can a medium heavy rod hold?

Fishing for Dummies, 2nd EditionRod PowerLure WeightLine SizeMedium Light6–10 lb test1/4–1/2 ozMedium8–12 lb test1/2–1 ozMedium Heavy12–25 lb test1–4 ozHeavy20–40 lb test4–8 oz

What size fish can I catch on 10lb line?

There is no practical limit to the size fish that can be landed on ten pound line. A lot depends on the skill of the angler. The quality and smoothness of the drag on the reel and the ability to follow the fish to enable not running out of line and to keep excess line out of the water.

Does rod lure weight matter?

If you have too light of a lure, the rod will not load properly and result in a shorter cast. If you’ve got too heavy of a weight, the rod will load too much and have a sluggish cast. … If it says 1 – 2 1/2 ounces you can bet on that rod casting those weights effectively.

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What is bigger 5/8ths or 1 2?

Therefore, 5/8 is greater than 1/2 and the answer to the question “Is 5/8 greater than 1/2?” is yes. Note: When comparing fractions such as 5/8 and 1/2, you could also convert the fractions (if necessary) so they have the same denominator and then compare which numerator is larger.

Is 3/8th bigger or smaller than 1 4?

1/4 is equal to 2/8 and 3/8 must be greater than 2/8 and as 2/8 is equal to 1/4, So, 3/8 must be greater than 1/4 and that means 3/8 is greater than 1/4.

What weight is half an ounce?

14 grams

How far should the weight be from the hook?

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Attach 1 or 2 sinkers, 6 to 12 inches above the hook. This weight will keep your bait or lure down in the water and will help swing it away from shore.

Should I use a sinker with lures?

Sinkers are some of the most important pieces of tackle in your tackle bag. For you purists, sinkers are usually associated with live bait and weights with artificial lures. Seriously though, weight=sinker=weight. … With sinkers it’s to get your lure or bait down where the bass are.

Do you put weights on spinnerbaits?

Weights like 1/4oz and 3/8oz are ideal to keep the Spinnerbait higher up in the water column. If the bass are cruising the shallows in the spring or fall, these weights will allow you to keep the Spinnerbait above the grass, and will even give you the ability to “yo yo” them back to the boat.

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Should I get a medium or medium heavy rod?

When fishing with spinnerbaits, use at least a medium/heavy power rod because of the larger single hook. … A medium/heavy rod with a fast action provides a great balance for most spinnerbaits up to half an ounce. When fishing baits greater than half an ounce, an extra fast action will provide better casting.

What happens if you put too heavy line on a reel?

Whats the worse thing that could happen if the strength of your line is greater than the maximum drag pressure your reel can apply; your drag slips. If this is a problem it can be solved with a better reel. Unlike a reel a rod can break if you pull beyond its capacity, thats why they are rated.spinning

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