Shovel knight how to use fishing rod


How do you use items in shovel Knight?


  1. Run: + Control Pad.
  2. Jump: A.
  3. Dig Slash: B.
  4. Shovel Drop (in air): Down.
  5. Use Relic: Up + B.
  6. Climb Ladders (near a ladder): Up.
  7. Talk (near someone): Up.
  8. Sub Screen: SELECT.

How do you talk in shovel Knight?

Control Pad

  1. Run. Press left or right and Specter Knight will run!
  2. Climb Ladders. If Specter Knight is standing in front of a ladder, press Up and he will climb up. …
  3. Talk / Examine. If a friendly entity is near Specter Knight, press Up to talk to them. …
  4. Jump. …
  5. Slash. …
  6. Dash Slash. …
  7. Use Curio. …
  8. Wall Climb.

How do you phase in shovel Knight?

The Forest of Phasing is an optional stage in Shovel Knight. This treasure hunting stage has no boss, and instead relies on one of your relics to make it through unscathed. Use the Phase Locket found in The Lich Yard to run across spikes and get treasure.

Is Shovel Knight a fish?

“Fish Head” is also the name to which the character is usually referred to such as in Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels. … With Fish Head taking the same appearance as Shovel Knight, many people speculate that Shovel Knight himself is actually a fish head character.

How do you get new armor in shovel Knight?

Shovel Knight starts only with his trusty Stalwart Plate, but he can purchase new armors from the Armorer at the Armor Outpost reached. Once purchased, Armors can be freely switched by speaking again to the Armorer, or the Goatarmorer found in the Village in New Game Plus.

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Where is Spectre’s secret room?

the Lich Yard

How do you double jump in shovel Knight?

Double tap in one direction to sprint in that direction. Fully upgrade your Shovel Blade with Charge Handle, Trench Blade, and Drop Spark. Float slowly to the ground by holding jump. Gain extra height by jumping again in the air.

How do you beat Knight Spectre?

One of the easier ways to defeat Specter Knight is to use a combination of the Phase Locket and the Shovel Blade. The Phase Locket can be used to easily avoid Specter Knight’s Scythe Charge and Scythe Toss attacks which can be difficult to dodge.

How do you get phase locket in shovel Knight?

The Phase Locket is a Relic that makes its holder temporarily invincible and capable of phasing through enemies. It can be purchased from Chester for 1000 gold in Specter Knight’s stage, or in the Village for 2000 gold if it was not picked up before completion of the stage.

Is Shovel Knight a girl?

Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games offered a “gender swap” stretch goal to its Kickstarter, promising to offer both male and female versions of the game’s main cast. … However, we already had made an oversight with the balance of characters in Shovel Knight — almost all of the main characters were male!

Is Shovel Knight difficult?

The Shovel Knight part is really easy to learn and fun to play. The castle at the end is hard, but all boss stages have to be. Plague Knight, on the other hand, is a lot harder to get a feel for. … I love Shovel Knight, but some parts can be pretty tough.

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