How to set up a carolina rig for bass fishing


How do you make a Carolina rig for bass fishing?

The Carolina rig is one of the most popular ways of presenting and fishing a lure for catching a boat load of big bass. The rig itself is a simple one to put together. To your mainline add a sinker using an egg type or bullet type weight. Behind that add a bead then tie to a swivel.

What line should I use for bass?

Since spinning reels are generally used for lighter baits and more finesse presentations, a good rule of thumb is line size between 6 and 12 lb monofilament or fluorocarbon and 10 to 30 lb braid is solid for spinning rods. Baitcasting reels are used for more heavy or reaction-strike applications.

What is the best Carolina rig bait?

To the leader is tied a soft plastic and a matching hook. You can put about any bait on a Carolina rig, from a Yamamoto Senko to a Zoom Fluke, but the most popular are probably Zoom Brush Hogs, Speed Craws and other critter-type baits.

What is the best Carolina Rig rod?

The Basic Carolina Rig Setup

  • Rod & Reel – The best rod for Carolina rig fishing is a Medium Heavy, Fast Action casting rod, and a good baitcasting reel with a 6.3:1 or 7.1:1 gear ratio. …
  • Main Line – Your line can be just about anything, or whatever you typically use for other baits.

What is the bead for on a Carolina rig?

The use of glass or ceramic beads is quite common when it comes to the Carolina rig. Placing a bead between your weight and swivel protects your knot from being constantly beat up by your weight.

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How long should the leader be on a Carolina rig?

First of all, the Carolina rig is simply a weight, a swivel, and a leader. The length of the leader varies – I’ve known guys who fish with a 4-inch leader one day and a 4-foot leader the next. The general rule of thumb is: the tougher the bite, the longer the leader.

What is needed for a Carolina rig?

Tackle Checklist: What Do You Need for a Carolina Rig?

  1. A bullet weight.
  2. A plastic bead.
  3. A barrel swivel.
  4. A fluorocarbon leader.
  5. A worm hook.
  6. A soft plastic lure.

What is the best color worm for bass fishing?

Use thin worms with straight tails in vegetation. When fish are inactive, try using a smaller worm. In clear water, lighter, more translucent colors tend to work best: blue, green, pearl, smoke, etc. In dark water, dark worms often produce the best: purple, black, brown, etc.

What pound test should I use for bass fishing?

For bass/walleye/northern pike fishing, use 8-pound test and up. There are three basic types of fishing line: monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid. Monofilament line is the most popular. If you have only one rod, monofilament line is the way to go.

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