How to cast a fishing net video


What is the best cast net for beginners?

Most of our pro anglers and guides throw a 3/8″ mesh net in shallow water during the majority of the year. A 1/4″ is good for a couple months in summer when the baits get small. Many also have a 1/2 inch mesh in their arsenal for winter and deep water netting.

What’s the best cast net to buy?

Here Are the Best Cast Nets

  • Bait Buster 5-12 Foot Net with 3/8 Mesh (Best Large Cast Net) …
  • Ahi USA 200 Series Cast Net 3-6 Foot with 3/8 Mesh (Best Small Cast Net) …
  • Betts Old Salt Premium 4-8 Foot Cast Net with 3/8 Mesh. …
  • Calusa 10-Foot Net with 3/8 Mesh. …
  • Cracker Cast Net 10-Foot with 3/8 Mesh.

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