What to use for crappie fishing


What is the best month to catch crappie?

Crappie are attracted to woody cover regardless of the time of year. A good rule of thumb is to fish shallow during spring and fall, then fish deep during summer and winter.

What are crappie attracted to?

Crappies feed off plankton, minnows and other baitfish that are attracted to light, so the most important equipment for night fishing is the light selection. Lanterns are helpful because they attract mosquitoes, which in turn attract insect-eating baitfish.

What is the best crappie lure?

Here Are the Best Crappie Lures and Baits

  • Berkley Crappie Nibbles.
  • Johnson Beetle Mini Spinner Bait.
  • PowerBait Power Minnow.
  • Emerald Shiner Gulp Alive Minnow.
  • Mepps Spinner.
  • Bobby Garland Baby Shad.
  • Smelt Gulp Alive Minnow.
  • Trout Magnet Crappie Jigs.

How long should a crappie rod be?

8 to 10-foot: Good for an all-around vertical jigging pole. The shorter pole gives better control than longer models plus it will be lighter to hold. Short is the key when fishing brushy areas with low, overhanging limbs.

What colors do crappie see best?

In deeper water, blue-white and purple-white are excellent. In stained water (coffee color or with tannic acid) with bright-light conditions, my four predominate crappie catching colors are: green, chartreuse, lime and orange. Lures that contrast two of these colors, or matching them with brown or white are great.

How do you know when a crappie is spawning?

Look For Brush, Cover, or Reeds

Crappie will spawn around hardcover like brush, docks, long-stemmed reeds, and cattails. Either manmade or natural cover provides crappie with protection from predators and wind during the spawn.

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Do you use a bobber for crappie?

Classic Bobber And Minnow Rig

This is probably one of the easiest and most productive ways to catch crappie any time of the year. When fishing shallow in the spring, use a fixed bobber set a foot or 2 feet above a minnow attached to a number 1 or 2 Aberdeen hook.

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