What size rod for surf fishing


What is the best length for a surf fishing rod?

11-12 ft

What is the best rod for surf fishing?

  • The Best Overall Surf Rod: Okuma Longitude Surf Rod. …
  • Best Surf Rod for the Money: Tica Surf UMGA Series. …
  • Best Surf Rod-and-Reel Combo: Penn Battle II Combo. …
  • Best Surf Rod For Long Distance Casting: St. …
  • Best Surf Rod for Small Anglers: Ugly Stik Inshore Select Spinning Rod.

Can you surf fish with a 6 foot rod?

Most fishing rods will range from 6- to 15-feet. The recommended length for anglers is between 9 to 12 feet. This length allows you to fish a fair distance into the surf.

Is a 10 foot rod good for surf fishing?

Most folks will walk behind your setup, but depending on where you fish, you will have beach goers walk between your rod and the surf. … Otherwise, go with a longer rod that is 11-13 feet to get more distance on your casts. A good general purpose length is 10 feet.

What is the best pound test line for surf fishing?

On average, the optimum pound test made for surf fishing is between 15 to 20 lb for fluorocarbon or monofilament lines, and 8 lb is the minimum pound test if you’re going surf fishing. For braid lines, use 30 to 40 lb. This is used for open waters or if you are a novice angler.

What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing?

What is the best gear ratio for surf fishing? Ratios of at least 5:1 or 6:1 work well in most surf fishing conditions. If you want a slow retrieval, it’s easier to go slow with a higher ratio reel as opposed to trying to go faster with a slower reel.

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What should I look for in a surf fishing rod?


I recommend looking for a rod with a graphite reel seat since it’s non-corrosive. Handles should be durable as well as providing excellent comfort. Live bait fishing: When surf fishing on live baits, I recommend going for a medium-fast action rod that suits larger baits and heavier sinkers.

Do longer rods cast further?

Longer means longer

A longer rod will give you a longer cast. … If power and action are the same, generally speaking, a 7-foot rod will cast the same lure farther than a 6-foot rod. Now if the lure is light, like 1/8 ounce, it can be a little more managable on a softer shorter rod than a longer rod.15 мая 2014 г.

How far can you cast a surf rod?

Because only part of the rod’s power is being used, the aforementioned 85 or 90 yards is just about the best that can be expected. Using 20-pound-test spinning gear and a modified pendulum technique, Arra can effortlessly cast a three-ounce or four-ounce Hopkins 200 yards. Revolving-spool reels permit longer casts.

What is the best time for surf fishing?

The best time to surf fish is from before dawn to around 10 AM and two hours before dusk. It is during these times that the fish are feeding, hence exposed. That being said, it is best to speak with the locals in your area as they always have the best knowledge of the fishing conditions in your area.

Can you use lures for surf fishing?

These saltwater lures are perfect for surf fishing and are sure to survive the tough surf conditions. There are different types of lures, so depending on the fish you’re aiming to catch, different types of lures will work better. We’ve chosen from the top-rated spoons, plugs, poppers, bucktail jigs, and more.

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How much line do you need for surf fishing?

Therefore, I believe that the optimal amount of line for surf fishing is 250-300 yards. A line of this length will allow you to deploy bait in the most distant sandbars where fish are most likely to be, while leaving enough line in your spool to easily play and turn hooked fish without fear of being spooled out.

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