What is kite fishing


What does a kite do for tuna fishing?

Later in the 2010 season, as we watched a 700 pound tuna crush a hapless bluefish, we realized why it pays to learn how to fish a kite. Kite fishing allows an angler to keep a live bait swimming on the surface. The kite physically lifts the bait, and prevents the bait from swimming downward.

What is a kite rod?

The rods that the kites are mounted on are super short rods with only one or two line guides on it. Line clips are then attached to the kite line and assigned a rod and reel. An experienced crew can get up to three lines on one kite. … As bait, many kite fishermen use a fish called a goggle-eye as live bait.

How do you start flying a kite?

Stand with your back to the wind. Hold your kite up by the bridle point and let the line out. If there is sufficient wind, your kite will go right up. Let the kite fly away from you a little, then pull in on the line as the kite points up so it will climb.

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