Best bait for walleye fishing


What do you use for walleye fishing?

Fishing with live bait for walleye offers the angler versatility of presentations and can be fished on a slip sinker or a slip bobber rig, pulled behind a spinner, tipped on a jig, or simply fished with a plain hook and split shot. There are three types of live bait used for walleye: Minnows-Leeches and Night Crawlers.

What time of day is best for walleye fishing?

The best time of day is at dawn and dusk in shallow waters. Other months of the year are going to be good for catching walleye as well, but you do need to contact some local bait shops for some local reports on how the walleye are biting. Some areas are better at different times.

Can you fish for walleye from shore?

One of the biggest appeals to chasing springtime walleyes is that some of the best fishing occurs right from shore, and anglers without a boat or who still have a boat in storage should head to the shorelines for the best walleye fishing of the year.

What colors do walleye see best?

Walleyes also possess color vision, based on analysis of the structure of the light-sensitive cones. Scientists tell us walleyes should see red, orange, and yellow the best, followed by green. Theory also suggests walleyes see blue and violet less well, and these colors may even appear black.

How deep do you fish for walleye?

In the North Country lakes I fish, humps topping out in depths from 20 to 35 feet are best in summer and fall. Islands and reefs appeal to walleye. When hit with waves, the shallow to mid-depth portions of these structures deliver good action.

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What colors do walleye see at night?

With this summary, what can we conclude:

  • In clear, shallow water, during daylight – colors such as green can be visible to walleye.
  • In deeper and dirtier water, any color visibility will be reduced.
  • Blue colors likely won’t make a difference (the lure is visible, but the blue color is not).

What temperature do walleye bite?

A:Jerry, believe it or not preferred water temp for walleyes is 70 degrees. This is the temperature they’re most comfortable in and also most aggressive. Ironically, this is also the time when we have the most difficulty catching them only because we aren’t fishing where they are.

Should I use a steel leader for walleye?

Use a 15-20 lb fluro leader 2-3 ft in length, never had a bite off using sufix leader fluro in 20 lb. Depending on the size of Northerns, most often you can do a real good job of preventing pike bite-offs with a superline. If the pike are big, or you insist on using mono, you can run a steel leader.

Do walleyes bite at night?

The food in deep, clear lakes make walleyes heavy, and because the water is clear, the walleyes can often be easier to catch at night. … In lakes that don’t have fall spawning baitfish, a night-bite can still occur. Look for areas with current. Go out during the day to current areas and see if baitfish are present.

Where is the best walleye fishing?

Top 10 Midwest Walleye Fisheries

  • Lake Erie, Ohio.
  • Green Bay, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin.
  • Mississippi River, Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa.
  • Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, Michigan.
  • Lake McConaughy, Nebraska.
  • Lake Oahe, South Dakota/North Dakota.
  • Lake Winnebago Chain, Wisconsin.
  • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota.
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