This page is supposed to be fun so I will be putting in various trivia questions in here. If you know the answer to my questions, send me an email. The first five people to provide the correct response to all of the questions will receive your very own fishing start-up kit, all brand new.

So are you ready to answer my questions? Here goes:

  1. What makes the fish different from land animals?
  2. Can you tell me what is the largest fish that has ever been caught?
  3. Can you tell me the weight of the largest fish that has been caught?
  4. Is a humpback whale considered a fish? Yes or No?
  5. Can you tell me what kind of fish is Dory in Finding Nemo?
  6. Is a starfish a fish? Yes or No?
  7. How fast can the fastest fish swim?
  8. What is considered as the world’s fastest fish?
  9. Can you tell how old is a fish? Yes or no?
  10. How do fishes breathe while underwater?


Fishing Jokes

Fishermen are the best sources of fishing jokes. You will be surprised at the humor that just goes around while we are out there and trying our best to catch the biggest fish there is. Here is just a sample of a joke I have heard. Feel free to contribute your own:

Joke #1: A fisherman dad is taking his son on a fishing trip. In order to prepare for the trip, they went to the garden to gather some worms that will serve as bait. While looking for worms, the son proudly dug out a creature with various legs and showed it to his dad.

Son: Dad, look, an earthworm.

Dad: Uhmm, sorry son, we can’t use that. That’s not an earthworm.

Son: Huh, it’s not from the earth? It’s an alien!