Thank you for visiting Barry’s Fishing Tackle.

This website is for all fishing newbies who are interested in pursuing fishing as a serious hobby. My goal is to provide you with all of the information that you need so that you get immersed in it and at the same time, have fun while doing so.

The idea for this website started when friends and family started asking me various things about angling and fishing. And those whom I’ve mentored started enjoying it. They kept on going back to me to ask various things about fishing. And I realized that mentoring people and teaching them how to fish also made me happy. I got inspired when I saw those whom I previously mentored start enjoying my hobby. Then they also got their friends on it and the network just got bigger and bigger. At the same time, I also got more and more people who call me up or just join me in my fishing activity.

Since I also love writing, I realized that I can share my knowledge to a bigger community. Hence this website was born. Here, I will continue to write about the things I know and share them with you. In the next phase of this website, I plan to talk with my buddies so that they can also share with you their experiences. Hopefully, you will get more inspiration once that happens.

I also plan to make sure that this website is going to be more fun and interactive. That is the reason why I added a fun page and a forum so that we get to interact with each other more. If you have questions, just ask it in the forum or contact me. I will make sure that I respond to all of your queries in the soonest possible time.